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About FleetComm

Co-located with the OilComm Conference & Exhibition,  FleetComm is a two-day conference taking place December 6-7, 2017 at the Houston Marriott Westchase.  The event will cover a wide-range of topics from drone technology to high-speed technology applications for the sea and land transportation communities. Attendees will include IT professionals, engineers and fleet managers of maritime, trucking and enterprise companies who are in charge of communications and networks for their vehicles.  For more information, visit FleetComm’s website at

Here’s a sneak peek of the topics that will be covered at FleetComm:

  • 4G LTE to the Gulf of Mexico
    Charting the Future Course of Opportunity and Infrastructure Expansion -The extension of 4G LTE services to the Gulf of Mexico via fiber optic and deep water networks has transformed the communications market in the one of the world’s busiest and most important energy-producing regions. The past year has seen a handful of leading communications providers announce launch plans for the service through a variety of paths and partnerships. The partnership aspect is critical to this development, as service providers will work side-by-side with their energy industry customers to roll out a cutting edge 4G LTE offering. This session provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from representatives from both sides of those partnerships about the players in the field, their comparative approaches to service roll-outs and what these differences mean to customers, how these services are expected to perform and when the industry can expect 4G LTE expansion to other regions.
  • Connecting the Upcoming Cruise Ship Passenger Boom
    Is There Enough Bandwidth to Meet Customer Demand? According to several recent market research reports, the leisure cruise industry is expecting a significant increase in passengers during the next 10 years and building new ships and expanding their fleets to meet the demand. Each of the five largest cruise lines in North America alone are expecting between 1 and 2 million new passengers by 2027, and that’s not even counting new and expanding lines like Virgin and Disney. Hosting 10 million new passengers means connecting 10 million new smartphones, tablets and laptops – all streaming videos and posting vacation photos to social media around the clock. This will be must-attend group discussion for anyone in the connected maritime market. Our panel of cruise ship operators and connectivity service providers will review future projections and explore how the cruise ship industry preparing to service it’s sea of new passengers with reliable, high-performance satellite and cellular voice, video and data services.
  • Advanced Fleet Tracking: Observe and Manage Your Assets in Real Time
    Asset tracking solutions can do a lot more for fleet managers than just provide the location of their trucks, ships and planes. Tracking technology has been proven to reduce fleet costs by reducing unnecessary overtime and downtime, improving vehicle utilization, documenting data from routes and stops, enabling digital timekeeping and eliminating fraud. As this technology evolves, more and more industries are integrating asset tracking services to become quicker and more adaptive. This session will cover: new and innovative ways that fleets are using tracking; connectivity and security requirements; the applications and hardware that form the complete tracking system; and user case studies.

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